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Exclusive shoe cream brush with elegant bristle field of 100% horsehair. The wooden part is rounded off all round.

Description of use:
To start with the shoe cream brush is moistened with the shoe cream. Then the brush is applied to the shoe with circular movements and the cream massaged into the leather in this way. The shoe cream is applied to the leather thinly and evenly. As the brush is flexible the brush also applies the cream into all the seams, grooves and ornamentation. Once the cream has been rubbed in, it is left to soak into the shoe and dry for a few minutes and then the shoe is polished with the polishing brush.

Advantages of a horsehair shoe cream brush

Shoe cream brushes with horsehair take the shoe cream on board and then release this onto the leather. Due to the natural make up of the hair, it has a rough surface which produces heat during the circling application of the cream, whereby the cream acquires an optimum consistency and can better penetrate into the pores of the leather. Once the cream has been applied, the horsehairs - due to their elasticity - spring back into their original position without spraying shoe cream. The horsehair also stands out due to its elegant appearance.

Dimensions: Back: 15 cm, Bristles: approx. 2.0 cm
Suitable for: smooth leather