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Say good-bye to manure stains and unsightly sun-bleached hair! Now with Shapley's Show Touch Up Coat Color Spray your horse can shine in the show ring with almost no clean-up time at all! Easy and simple, this effective spray was created specifically for horses and has been proven to cover stains, scars, blemishes, and flaws on your horse's coat. If this wasn't enough, this incredible product can also be sprayed into tails to create a fuller appearance! 

Safe and effective to use, it cannot be washed off in the rain nor will it smear, clump, or wipe off. Although it can be removed with oil-based products, you'll never want to, due to the natural look and feel it produces. Perfect for making white markings pop, this spray is excellent for hiding stains or blemishes on horses in halter, conformation, or performance classes. Whatever you are showing your horse in, Show Touch Up is a must for horse competitions when you want to improve the appearance of your equine athlete! 


  • Easy & Simple to Use
  • Effective Removal of Stains, Scars, Blemishes, & Flaws
  • Increases Volume of Tails
  • Water Resistant- Can be Removed with Oil Products
  • Perfect for White Marks or Sun-Bleached Hair