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  • Perfect Prep EQ™ Pro Focus delivers powerful, concentrated equine calming support in an easy-to-give 30cc rapid release paste for an exceptionally quiet horse.


  • Use 90 minutes before increased stress. Effects begin within one hour and last up to 8 hours.
  • Concentrated 30cc oral paste is easy-to-give and tastes great!
  • Works well alone or as part of the Perfect Prep EQ™ Calming System. 
  • Contains no prohibited substances. Does not contain L-Tryptophan.

Suggested Use: For maximum effect give 1 tube (30cc) at least 90 minutes prior to performance according to horse’s needs. Difficult horses may require a second tube. Adjust for desired results. Effects begin within 90 minutes and last 6 to 8 hours. Additional tubes may be given to increase or extend effects as desired. Up to 2 tubes within an 8 hour period generally achieves desired results. Combines well with any Perfect Prep EQ™ formula.

Tips for Best Results: Because every horse has unique challenges, we’ve created a system of calming formulas to help you bring the very best horse to your performance every time. Use Perfect Prep EQ™ Pro Focus alone or as part of the Perfect Prep EQ™ Calming System. We strongly encourage you to evaluate the effects Perfect Prep EQ™ before your event to find the best product or combination of products to suit your horse’s needs.

For an even greater calming effect, use Perfect Prep EQ™ Pro Focus as Step 3 in the Perfect Prep EQ™ Calming System.