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  • Perfect Products
  • Fast-acting and ethical pre-event formula for everyday soreness
  • Ideal for when NSAIDs are limited, prohibited or not desired
  • May be safely stacked with veterinary prescribed medications
  • Appropriate for extended use
  • 60cc
  • PBLOK60

Perfect Blok is the ethical solution for your horse’s stiffness and soreness from everyday training and showing.

Feed 30cc (one half oral syringe) the night before and 30cc (one half oral syringe) the morning of performance. For horses requiring maximum support, administer 1 full syringe per feeding. Repeat with 30cc to 60cc every 12 hours throughout event as needed.

Tips for Best Results:

Perfect Blok is effective when used alone or may be safely stacked with other veterinarian prescribed medications. Perfect Blok is great for horses with sensitive gastrointestinal tracts who require extended comfort.

Active Ingredients:

Does not contain Sarraceniaceae (Pitcher Plant).

PP1: a proprietary ingredient group containing DL-Phenylalanine and L-Leucine. PP1 utilizes a well-studied and documented “pathway to comfort” that avoids the well-known side effects of veterinarian prescribed comfort products. The combination of DL-Phenylalanine and L-Leucine has been found in studies to provide for the release of a high level of endorphins in response to chronic pain.

Lactizone: a proprietary blend of bioactive whey, boswellia extract, celadrin powder, n-acetyl l-cysteine, bromelain (2400 GDU), olive extract and turmeric (curcumin) extract. When combined, these ingredients may support comfort and soothing throughout the body.

The bioactive whey isolate in Lactizone is made up of hyper-immunized milk proteins. These proteins contain building blocks called peptides. Research has documented that several of these peptides effectively reduce the influx of neutrophils (white blood cells) into the in amed site of injury in horses, thus reducing secondary in ammatory response to injury. By limiting in ammation and the resulting pain, the components of bioactive whey isolate support both quick comfort and improved healing.

Curcumin has soothing (anti-in ammatory) properties. Curcumin inhibits the enzymes that participate in the synthesis of in ammatory substances in the body. Curcumin’s anti-in ammatory activity, documented in human studies, is comparable in strength to some steroidal and non-steroidal drugs, while eliminating their accompanying dangerous side effects.

Bromelain, known in nutraceutical circles as “nature’s bute”, has been found in studies to be especially effective in reducing pain and in ammation in soft tissue. In human studies, bromelain has proven effective in reducing swelling as popular anti-in ammatory medications. Studies document that human patients suffering from osteo-arthritis have experienced a reduction of pain and joint swelling when taking bromelain. Bromelain’s anti-in ammatory effects may also alleviate pain and improve motor activity in patients with tendonitis. Bromelain helps return your horse to comfort during the pain cycle, and maintains him during rigorous exercise.

Boswellia provides natural systemic anti-in ammatory impact, perhaps most comparable to that of a corticosteroid. Many of the traditional uses of boswellia serrata in equine applications appear to be con rmed by human research. In one double blind human study, patients with osteoarthritis took either boswellia extract or a placebo for the rst eight weeks of a 16-week study, then switched to the opposite for the second half of the study. In both parts of the study, those patients who took boswellia extract reported less knee pain, better mobility and improved walking distance.

Celadrin powder is a blend of acetylated fatty acids, esters and other synergistic agents that enhance cell membranes throughout the body, resulting in greater mobility and more normalized joint function. The extremely high user success rate and virtually complete absence of side effects has made Celadrin one of the new innovative miracle products in joint support. Celadrin addresses the in ammation found in joints of the high-level performance horse.N-acetyl cystine and olive extract are well-documented, highly effective free radical scavengers. Free radicals are atoms that bind easily with cells and have the ability to greatly change their chemistry, often in a destructive manner. In ammation and accompanying pain are closely related to the presence of large numbers of free radicals. As effective scavengers of these harmful free radicals,

N-acetyl cystine and olive extract work to speed up necessary metabolic healing in exercise induced injury and strain.

Inactive Ingredients: Magnesium Silicate, Natural and Artificial Flavors.