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Eliminate knots and tangles with Mane 'n Tail Horse Detangler. This easy-to-use spray helps uphold a healthy mane and tail while keeping your horse’s hair manageable for grooming and braiding. This spray conditions and fortifies hair strands to help achieve and maintain longer, healthier hair. Since this solution can be used on wet or dry hair, it helps to greatly reduce grooming time, allowing you to style her the hair at any point. Help your horse achieve a longer, healthier mane with this simple detangling spray.

Key Benefits
  • Friction-free spray formula reduces damage and keeps hair manageable for grooming and braiding.
  • Conditions and fortifies hair strands for healthier, longer manes and tales.
  • Pleasant non-fragranced formula absorbs into the hair, never leaving a sticky residue.
  • Works on both wet and dry manes for easier styling at any time.
  • Made for horses, but also safe to use on dogs, cats and even humans.