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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


  • Horse supplement crumbles that help protect your pet from sand colic—especially if he grazes or eats off the ground.
  • Supports the removal of sand and dirt from your sidekick’s ventral colon.
  • Source of supplementary dietary fiber that helps promote gut health.
  • Made with premium psyllium seed husk—a natural soluble fiber.
  • Appropriate for horses of all ages, including young foals.

Sand impactions are no day at the beach. Help protect your horse from sand colic—a colon obstruction caused by excess sand in his intestinal tract—with Farnam Sand Clear for Horses Natural Psyllium Crumbles. They are made with premium psyllium seed husk that supports the removal of sand and dirt from the ventral colon. Ideal for hoofed friends that graze or eat off the ground, this supplementary dietary fiber helps maintain a healthy digestive tract for horses of all ages—even foals.