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Help protect your horse from pesky flies with Farnam Horse Roll-On Fly Repellent. This two-ounce bottle contains a mixture of ingredients to help kill and repel stable, house, face and horn flies, particularly on or around sensitive areas near the head and face of your horse or pony. This fly repellent can also help protect areas around wounds, which can normally attract flies. The easy-to-use roll-on bottle allows you to target specific areas more easily, so you can provide your horse with the relief he needs.

Key Benefits
  • Formulated to repel and kill house, face, stable and horn flies on contact.
  • This fly repellent is a botanically driven pyrethrin formula.
  • The roll-on bottle allows you to target specific areas like around the nose, mouth and ears.
  • Easy to apply around wounded areas with accuracy and precision.
  • Proudly made in the USA and comes in a 2-ounce bottle.

This formula should not be applied directly to wounds.