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The best selling Light Weight Jacket is now available without ES embroidery at the back. Perfect for embroidering your own logo, team name or similar.

This jacket is perfect for all seasons. The jacket is lightweight but still keeps you warm even in colder temperatures, thanks to the fantastic warming eco filling in the jacket.

Zippers in silver with mirror-like finish and pullers with engraved Equestrian Stockholm logo.

The materials in this jacket match Equestrian Stockholm’s profile on going towards having all garments to be ECO-friendly. ECO-friendly, in terms of making the least impact on the environment as possible. As in all Equestrian Stockholm’s garments, there is no fur, down or feathers used in this jacket – to protect the animals. Instead of using down and feathers as insulation, we have chosen to use a top-quality ECO-friendly filling, Eco-2sy. The filling does not only have fantastic warming effect – it is also wind-resistant, water-resistant and it has odor control thanks to the recycled coffee beans. The odor control keeps your jacket fresh longer and you do not need to wash your jacket unnecessarily much only due to bad smell. This saves on both our environment as well as the jacket’s wear.