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To help build soundness from the ground up, the Adeptus Augment Hoof Nutrients Horse Supplement supports quality, strong hoof growth. This supplement contains 20 milligrams of biotin and organic trace minerals and vitamins, laying the nutritional foundation needed for strong hooves. The trace minerals are chelated to increase absorption and effectiveness, and the low-carb design of this formula means you can feed it as part of your horse’s balanced diet. The prebiotic yeast base contains no alfalfa, sugars or toxic pellet binders, so you’re feeding your horse only good, quality ingredients.

Key Benefits
  • Supports strong, quality hoof growth.
  • 20 milligrams of biotin and organic trace minerals and vitamins offer nutrition needed for hoof health.
  • Trace minerals are chelated for increased absorption.
  • Low-carb formula is part of a balanced diet.
  • Prebiotic yeast base contains no alfalfa or extra sugars.